Robbie Pearson Portrait 2It has been three years since Healthcare Improvement Scotland last set our long term strategy.

That is why, for me, it feels like this is the right time to take stock and reflect on our strategic direction and priorities.

I believe Healthcare Improvement Scotland is an adaptable organisation, but working in a system facing pressures and growing demand, I know that, just like our caring services, we need to be clear we are focussing our efforts where they will make most difference.

Better quality health and social care for everyone in Scotland is a compelling challenge. It matters to every single one of us – whether you work to deliver care, or depend on the support our frontline services provide across Scotland 365 days a year.

Our aim is to help those delivering care drive up standards and make sustainable improvements in the care they provide for you and your family.

I often describe our organisation as having many parts, but they are all unified by that one single purpose. At Healthcare Improvement Scotland, we have many tools at our disposal, but crucially they are all focussed on making care better, and ensuring it is high quality wherever it is delivered.

So let me update you on the stage we are at. Working with our key stakeholders and staff we’ve developed a draft strategy. You can read it at the end of my blog.

But we are not finished and we are still looking for input and views to shape the final version.

At its heart, I hope our strategy sets out how we will deliver this organisation’s core aim of making care better over the next three years to 2020.

It describes how we will enable people to make informed decisions about their own care and treatment – putting individuals at the heart of designing services.

In the longer term, I want Healthcare Improvement Scotland to be able to offer more focussed and tailored support in local areas – not just at a national level and our plan sets out that direction of travel.

I hope the plan makes really clear how all our many contributions combine together to deliver better quality health and social care for everyone in Scotland.

When you consider that just the first phase of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme has helped deliver a 17 per cent reduction in hospital mortality – supporting staff to save more lives – then the potential of our work is clear.

From our unique position, with all the tools at our disposal, I know Healthcare Improvement Scotland is able to look across the whole range of services in Scotland, seeing not just part of the jigsaw but the whole picture and how the pieces fit together.

But we must also listen to and respond to all our partners across Scotland if we are to drive the delivery of better care.

On that basis, we are still refining our plan, and looking for views and opinions to improve it. If you want to contribute, if you have any views, just email at the address below, and we’ll work really hard to take them into account. We are looking to finalise this in June – so any comments will need to be with us for Friday, June 9th.

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